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subterranean homesick alien

my favourite web links, pictures and other nice stuff
updated : 05 March 2004

I thought of having a "web home" because my relationship with computers has grown over the years to such an extent that i cant imagine my life without them . This page is devoid of heavy graphics , gif's and flash animation's .. because i want it to be compliant with LINKS my favorite browser ( which is a command line , text only browser) . I just want to share my views with the world through this page ;-)
Who am I ? a subterranean homesick alien .. :))
I'm still tryin to find out .. one answer to that : I'm Ajay J. Sinai Cuncoliencar a final year Computer science student from Goa-India . and I am "myself" . ie. i try to be what i am and try not to be what i'm not ! ;-)) .
MY passions :
I am obsessed with operating systems ( unix like ) and particularly crazy about Linux . I love reading books , some of my favorites being , The english patient , Godfather by Mario Puso, Freedom at midnight by Dominique Lapierre . I listen to bands like GnR, Metallica, the doors, Pink Floyd , Led Zep,Radiohead,creed etc. I also like listening to Jagjit singh :-) .
I like to go to places which are untouched by humans.. i like to be in tranquil places .. I also like to get a bit crazy sometimes and mix around with huge crowds.( the image to the left was taken during the Deep Purple concert at Goa) . I like to listen to classical music . Beethoven , Mozart and Hayden being some of my favorites. Picasso , Leonardo da Vinci and Ravi Verma are some artists whose paintings get me thinking :-) .. my favorite painting is "stolen interview" by Ravi Verma currently displayed at the Salhar Jung museum in Hydrabad.
My motivation :
As far as my love for Linux is concerned, i'm motivated by the GNU/Linux philosophy . By the sheer code that Richard Stallman, Linux Torvalds, Alan Cox and others have put into this huge digital anthill called GNU /Linux. and the wonderful philosophy called GNU/Linux. My parents motivate me as far as life is concerned .. my music motivates me ..
My Machines :
1) intel PIII 450 MHz ( 64 Meg mem) Linux box is my main machine on which i spend about 5 hours a day ( average)
2) my recently acquired acernote 720 notebook enjoys my attention .. not to work on it .. to get it working!! :-)) it's a 486 sx with 8 meg of mem !! . and guess what ! it runs Linux . ( muLinux)
3) Recently acquired palm IIIe . running palm os 3.1 right now .. but going to run linux soon ! ..
Other hardware:
nothing much! a 56K modem ( DAX) , a couple of 100 mbps ethernet cards. a telephone for my experiments with in-band dialing ;-))) and a very long cat5 cable to connect to my neighbors computer . ..
My projects
Right from the time i ever saw a computer, i wanted to write code for it .. i got hold of my first machine 3 years ago . Since then i have written bits and pieces of code for myself and for the others, always keeping in mind the GNU philosophy. I did a small site called The Junkyard ( www.junk which is right now off the web .. I did my college site i started getting hooked on to linux and right now i'm working on building low cost linux clusters. i'm also coding common applications like mp3 encoding on clusters. I 'm fascinated by the idea of distributed computing . i'm currently working on a project called SILC small intel based linux clusters. I'm trying to make a site to exchange GNU software in GOA ..the prototype is at software for all WAS hosted on
Things precious to me
sweety, my linux box , my family, my freedoms ( including the GNU freedoms) , and my community of hackers
I feel nostalgic about :
my childhood days, the 80's .. was a fascinating decade... bellbottoms and guitars and bright colored shirts .. 286's and DOS ... system V 's and pulse dialing .. and ofcourse 2600 Hz ;-) i was a small kid then .. but sometimes i want to go back ..
My Idea of success :
I would rather measure success in terms of self satisfaction . coding form me is like meditation.. A successful debugging session is like a self induced high. .. GNU/Linux is like another religion .. I'd love to keep everyone around me happy and that's what means success !!
i believe
that Humanity is the only true religion... that it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice ... that we are all homosapiens who have braved the dominant species , battled the neandathores and now prevail on this planet . and unless we learn from history, this page will be sitting in some museum on the "once prevalent human race" and will be read by some green eyed alien :-)
I leave you with one of my favorite verses from Schaupenhauer " Don't try to see what other's have not seen .. try to think on what no one has yet thought about what everyone sees"

the name "subterranean homesick alien" is derived from a song by Radiohead
mail: incubuz at softhome dot net